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Stop it
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  4. i’ve said this before but, the only time I miss being married is when there’s a big gross bug crawling across my kitchen counter. tonight I miss being married. ugh. #thistooshallpass.

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    Getting Intimate with Darren Criss (x)
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    Darren speaking of that video.  (x)

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    Help us raise $35k in 35 days to help make sure our media represents all of us! 

    Our mission is to reach equal media representation for the LGBT community, women, people of color, people with disabilities, and those that live at the intersection of those identities. 

    There are many ways to fight for equal representation, and one of them is to help diverse folks enter and thrive in the entertainment industry. 

    We’re launching our Mirror Scholarship & Fellowship to provide monetary awards for diverse and underrepresented youth and independent media makers who are pursuing careers in the media and performing arts. 

    Please help by spreading the word about our campaign or donating. 

    We’re offering incredible perks from stars who are already helping to make our media more diverse and representative of all of us, including:

    • Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal, The Comeback)
    • Chris Colfer (Glee)
    • Darren Criss (Glee)
    • Lea DeLaria (OITNB)
    • Amy Fox (The Switch)
    • Lisa Kudrow (Friends, Web Therapy, The Comeback)
    • Sean Maher (Firefly, Arrow, Son of Batman)
    • Dylan Marron (Welcome to Night Vale, Whatever this is)
    • Jasika Nicole (Fringe, Scandal, Welcome to Night Vale)
    • Crissle West (The Read)
    • Julie Vu (The Switch)
    • and more!

    Check out the campaign, donate, and spread the word! 

    Because representation matters.

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    Who are the best people you ever met through Glee?


    I love this so much.

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    #47 meeting at a festival au (I wrote a whole fan!Kurt fic once, done with that)


    Somewhere between the set changes Kurt was separated from his friends.  He didn’t mind too much as there was good music playing and people around him were dancing just as much as he was.  So he stayed where he was until the music changed to something he didn’t like, and then he wandered off in search of something else.

    The other stages were slowing down so Kurt decided to cut his losses and make his way to the camping field.  The light was fading fast and so Kurt reached for his cell so that he could navigate by the screen light.

    "Dammit," he muttered, finding the device blank and drained of power.

    "You OK?" came a voice from behind him.

    Kurt turned and was immediately blinded by the light being shone at him.

    "Sorry," the voice said as the torch was lowered.

    Kurt blinked, but the light spots meant he couldn’t make out who was attached to that voice.

    "Phone’s dead and there is no way I’ll be able to see when I get back to camp.  And that was before I was blinded."

    "Sorry," he voice said again.  A hand appeared, palm open and up.  "Can I guide you back?  Only fair since I blinded you."

    "Area C," Kurt said, taking the voice’s hand.

    "Me too," the voice said.  "That’s handy."

    "You realise you’re sounding more and more like a creepy killer," Kurt said.

    "Hey, you know what they say about how if you lose a sense the others compensate?"

    "It’s not true."

    "Yeah, well, listen."

    Kurt did so and he could hear the voices of people around them, the footsteps on the gravel both ahead and behind them.

    "You shout, I think they’ll hear."

    "OK, so maybe not that creepy," Kurt said.  "I’m Kurt."


    He guided them to the right area, and by the time they got there the light spots on Kurt’s eyes had faded and in the light of Blaine’s torch they found their tents - pitched right next to each other,

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  11. The funniest thing is, I saw one .gif of Darren and recognized the candle burning in the background and that damned animal (moose?) Tyler has on his wall and realized that Tyler must have done a collaboration with Darren and I was on YouTube three seconds later and fangirling like a bitch…

  12. "Have you seen those photos? Photoshop is great. They make me look so fantastic."

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    #30 tourist/knowledgeable local au


    Kurt loved New York.  He was born to be here, he knew it.  As soon as he’d arrived in this city he felt like he’d come home.  He loved the pace of it, the feel of it.  He loved the constant noise and movement.  He felt alive here.

    But like with everywhere, there were downsides.  And for Kurt that was tourists.

    There was always a steady stream of them throughout the year but if you wanted to get anywhere in August then there were certain areas that you avoided.  Like Times Square.  He’d gotten very good at navigating his way around these tourist hot spots, dodging between those who ambled their way along sidewalks as if no one else had anywhere to be.  Like it didn’t matter that Kurt had twenty minutes to get from one meeting to the next and cover almost ten blocks in that time.

    Normally?  Not a problem.  August?  Nope.

    Today he was having to break his Times Square rule.  His out-of-town client wanted to see the red steps and so insisted that Kurt meet her there.  Kurt had tried to put her off, but Isabelle had put a stop to that.  This was one of Vogue.com’s biggest clients and he was going to do whatever they wanted him to do.  If he had to take a picture with someone dressed like a muppet then that is what he was doing.

    Kurt arrived early and made his way through the crowds, finding a seat near enough to the steps that he would see his client, but not right in the middle of the mass of pasty white Europeans slowly cooking under the summer sun.

    "Excuse me?"

    He looked up, shielding his eyes from the sun’s glare, to see a man about his age standing with a folded map of the city in his hands.

    "Do you live here?  Well, not here here.  But in the city?"

    "Yes," Kurt said hesitantly.

    "Oh good.  I was hoping I could ask you—"

    "Look, I’m actually waiting on a meeting.  There are a dozen cops about, you can ask—"

    "I wanted to know where you recommend," the man said, sitting down next to Kurt.  "I have all the guide books and tourist maps and everywhere is just full of people.  I don’t know where to start or what to do and it’s just so much.  So I wanted to ask a real New Yorker where I should go."

    "Well, there’s the park and Empire State, but most people think the Rock is better and—"

    "No, where would you go?”

    Kurt didn’t even have time to think before his cell started to ring.  He answered the call, listened to what was said, then hung up.

    "My meeting got cancelled."

    "I’m sorry," the man said.

    "I have the rest of the afternoon off," Kurt continued.  "I can’t stand all this tourism so… do you want to come and see the real New York City?"

    The man nodded. 

    "Come on then," Kurt said, standing up.

    "I’m Blaine."


    He held out his hand for Blaine to take, and then led him through the crowds and away.

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    NEW VIDEO: “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

    Thanks for the amazing month of support, y’all. 20 collaborations, which you can check out HERE. If you like this one, push REBLOG. I’m stakling and following people who do!

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